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A local Bangalore photography travelogue from a resident techie guided by his journalist friend

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Rakesh Ayilliath

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Elizabeth Mani

Life is Beautiful

On a rainy mid september weekend, Elsa and I set out on a journey of sorts to capture life on the streets of Bangalore. Elsa, with her extensive experience as a social worker was quite at home with the people we met and that helped establish a great working relationship of writer and photographer, something that took us on multiple journeys since, made way for some very popular photographs and now this blog.

Life is Beautiful Too

Around 50 migrant families from Rajasthan’s Dausa have been living under the KR Road Metro flyover for several years now. Despite the lack of basic facilities, they have no intention of moving to another location and make their living selling inflated colorful balloons. On our second trip to the community, we managed to talk to a few residents.

Life is Beautiful III

A little off the city, on Mysore road after the township of Kengeri; its hard to miss the ultra colourful stuffed toys by the curb. Bright and colourful as they are, we decided to checkout the people behind the toys and get their story.